On-demand Taxi App

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On-demand Taxi App

App Objective: The objective of the on-demand taxi app was to provide a seamless and efficient platform that connects passengers with nearby available drivers, allowing them to book rides instantly through their smartphones.

Technology Stack

Frontend: React Native
Backend: Node.js, Express.js
Database: MongoDB
Database: MongoDB
  1. Developed a user-friendly mobile app with intuitive navigation and a visually appealing interface.
  2. Implemented a geolocation feature for real-time tracking of both passengers and drivers.
  3. Designed an efficient ride matching algorithm to reduce waiting times and increase ride availability.
  4. Integrated a secure payment gateway to facilitate cashless transactions.
  5. Implemented a driver verification process to ensure passenger safety.
  1. Lack of a reliable and user-friendly platform for passengers to book rides conveniently.
  2. Difficulty for drivers to find customers and maximize their earnings.
  3. Limited ability to track and manage rides efficiently.
  4. Safety concerns and the need for a robust verification system.
  1. Improved passenger experience with quick and hassle-free ride bookings.
  2. Increased driver visibility and earning opportunities.
  3. Enhanced safety measures for both drivers and passengers.
  4. Efficient ride management system leading to better customer satisfaction.
  1. User registration and profile management.
  2. GPS-based ride booking and tracking.
  3. Secure in-app payments.
  4. Ratings and reviews for drivers and passengers.
  5. SOS button for emergency assistance.

Call to Action Statement

Looking to develop an on-demand taxi app that offers seamless ride bookings and enhanced safety features? Contact MoboTech today for expert mobile app development services tailored to your requirements.

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