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On-demand Alcohol Delivery App

The objective of the On-demand Alcohol Delivery app was to provide users with a convenient way to order alcoholic beverages and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Technology Stack

Frontend: React Native
Backend: Ruby on Rails
Database: PostgreSQL
Payment Gateway: Stripe
  1. Developed an easy-to-use on-demand alcohol delivery app with a wide selection of beverages.
  2. Implemented a robust age verification process to comply with legal regulations.
  3. Designed a seamless ordering and checkout process with multiple payment options.
  4. Integrated real-time order tracking for users and delivery personnel.
  5. Ensured secure and hassle-free payment processing.
  1. Limited options for alcohol delivery services in the market.
  2. Inefficiencies in the traditional liquor delivery process.
  3. Lack of a user-friendly platform for ordering and tracking deliveries.
  4. Compliance with age verification and legal regulations.
  1. Enhanced user convenience with on-demand alcohol delivery.
  2. Increased sales opportunities for liquor vendors and distributors.
  3. Improved compliance with age verification and legal requirements.
  4. Better customer satisfaction with real-time tracking and prompt deliveries.
  1. User registration and age verification.
  2. Alcohol product catalog and search functionality.
  3. Multiple payment options, including card and cash on delivery.
  4. Real-time order tracking.
  5. Customer support and ratings.

Call to Action Statement:

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